For advertising agency

Due to the fact that the diversity of our clients is huge, we have different price lists. Advertising agencies, distributors (resellers) can have discounts even up to 50 % in comparison to end-users.
Having different clients also results into different terms of trade and payments. For our first 3 transactions we require 30% prepayment and the remaining payment should be done directly before shipping the clocks to customer.
In further transactions clients can get better payment terms – even up to 14 days (if common business is successful).
The most frequently buying customers, with whom the cooperation is always going smoothly, also have the opportunity of having additional discount comparing to regular resellers.

BHZ LIKOR EAST-WEST PROMOTION has a right to use every project/artwork, based on which an order has been placed afterwards, for promotional reasons (catalogue/website/social media) unless the customer distinctly forbids a certain project to be published and/or shown anywhere.

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